When Trump SPOTS US Troops in Bastille Day Parade, He Does Something Amazing! Obama would never do this.

source: screenshot YouTube

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania are in Paris today, celebrating Bastille Day with French President Macron, his wife, and the entire nation of France.  This year is a dual celebration.  They are also celebrating the 100 year anniversary of American soldiers entering France in WWI.  President Trump and the First Lady are the guests of honor this year.

It was a perfect day for the parade. Tens of thousands of French citizens lined the streets of the the Champs-Elysées from l’Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde.

President Trump is a true patriot and truly loves our military like no other president in modern history.  You can see the pride in his eyes when the American troops come by in the grand parade.  And look what he does….

That’s right, he salutes our troops.  He doesn’t do it as some sort of required part of a ritual.  He salutes out of pure respect and love for the men and women of our military. Most of the broadcasts just show a quick shot of President Trump saluting as if it were just a quick salute where he brought his hand right down.  If fact, President Trump held his salute the entire time our troops were going by.  This is awesome!

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God Bless our Troops and our President!  God Bless America!


  1. It’s refreshing to see an American President salute our troops. We haven’t seen a President who’s proud to be an American in over eight long years! God Bless You, President Trump and God Bless America.

  2. Thanks be to God , that God saw that America was going down for the third time and with Hillary Rotten as President, our Freedoms would be lost. Obama, Barry Soetoro was here not to help but to hinder and see that Hillary was to be our next President. Oh, what tangled weds we weave when we practice to deceive. Yes , deceive they did and used every filthy trick in the book to try to secure Hillarys Presidency. They lint picked Trump to death and used fake news and Media to help destroy him. Obama was groomed from the beginning to be the Trojan Horse to destroy America from within. Obama even campaigned for Hillary, while he was still President, using our tax money. This is major interference and not only that Hillary was given the questions to the Debates, she held with Trump. Hillary ran from the Press and hid the fact she was very ill. They were desperate to pull it off and even hired thugs and agitators to disrupt and cause violence at Trumps rallies. This will go down as the biggest massive Cover Up in History. These evil people from the Swamp and the Shadow People like , Obama, still are continuing to destroy our President Trump, and those in government positions who keep dragging there feet and stalling to keep President Trump, from doing what he has promised to do. Amazingly , after all this , President Trump has managed to go forward under all this negativity and blocking him at every turn. We, the American people will not cower and let this happen, like other Countries are doing. We refuse to ,” Run, Hide and Tell, ” like the posters put up in Countries, who are foolish enough to allow illegals to flood there Countries. Time to finish taking out the Trash and cleaning up, as we are looking at a bright and glorious future with President Trump leading the way forward.


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