(VIDEO)”A GENIUS IN THE OVAL OFFICE” World Renowned Psychiatrist says Trump’s “Crazy Like A Fox”


No, Donald J. Trump is not crazy.  He’s “crazy like a fox” according to world renowned psychiatrist Keith Ablow.  Donald Trump may do things differently than anyone has ever done things, but it’s not just “off the cuff” as it may look. Trump has a genius mind, and everything he does is by design. Many times the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) may think they are getting the best of President Trump, but in reality, they are doing exactly what he anticipated. How else do you think a presidential candidate could spend 1/2 as much as his opponent and win?

 “we’ve got a genius in the Oval Office, and if we think he’s going to subscribe entirely to protocol and be flawless and polished, think again!” 

Dr. Keith Ablow

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Partial transcript (Dr. Ablow’s words)  

You can’t run a multinational corporation, enjoy the respect, and love of your children, and your wife, and recruit to your administration, which by the way, you happen to be occupying, because you defeated 16 Republican primary opponents, and the heir-apparent to the Democratic administration, and then be called unbalanced. He’s quite balanced! He’s achieving things no one else has achieved. That doesn’t mean he’s usual, he can be extraordinary, and he can have a very different approach, but to call him crazy, would be well, craziness you know.
When I trained in medicine, part of my rotations were through surgery. Some of the best
surgeons had some quirks, right, an errant word, something yelled out in the OR. You know you’d want doing your surgery? Those very guys! They weren’t the polished ones, they were the geniuses man!  And, we’ve got a genius in the Oval Office, and if we think he’s going to subscribe entirely to protocol and be flawless and polished, think again!  
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  1. I always admired PresidentTrump I knew he was well able to achieve far and be on What me or others where were able to do in his way of achieving everyone has that one special talent about them selfs God bless you always President Trump amen

  2. Yes, you look at all of Trump’s accomplishments and they are extraordinary! Not many people do this in a life time, yet you have “nobodies” calling him an idiot! LOL! Sorry, Trump thinks outside the box and the rest of us are limited and therefore want to bring him down to our level. I think outside the box in my art and it is very different, just because someone cannot think of your visions does not make you stupid. It shows the other person’s limitations. Trump is living up to his promises. He is NOT going to show you all his cards. He is good at schmoozing people which confuses others. He is a “street” kind of guy with smarts. He is a “get er done” kind of guy. We just have too many normal people in the world, or worse, DUMBED DOWN people by our schools. Unbelievable what you hear coming out of the mouths of our youths! They know nothing of history and very little is correct about current events. I just found out many cannot write or read cursive! ??? Think of all the old documents and personal family history they will not be able to read! We are extremely divided and this country is in trouble. The D’s are trying to force THEIR RELIGION of State and Government, down our throats but half of us are not buying it. Since they could not win, they are bullying and behaving tyrannical to try and get their way, of course they are following Saul Alinski’s advice. Five year olds do that as well, not adults. They are not alarmed by the violence, looting and burning. They speculate things they cannot prove and start gossip and fear mongering with it. I am sick of them. Split the country in two, the conservatives on the West and the libs on the East and let them sink their own country with their insanity! They are drilling holes too fast in our boat and we cannot bail fast enough to keep up with them. Get them out!!!

  3. I love our President!! He’s going to be the greatest! Look at what all he’s attempting to do, if government would leave him alone!!!!

  4. That’s because all these nay-sayers do not have the intelligence to recognize a great president. Not to mention the simple fact these entrenched politicians and their pals a worried sick he will expose them for the useless leeches they are.


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