(VIDEO) WOW! McCain comes out with SHOCKING STATEMENT about President Trump! How dare he say that? SICK!

source: screenshot compilation NBC Meet the Press

McCain: Trump does not have “an overall strategy” on foreign policy

Sunday morning on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Republican Senator John McCain said that President Donald Trump does not have “an overall strategy” on foreign policy for this country. McCain, one of the few remaining “establishment Republicans” who are still partially “anti-Trump”, also jokes with Chuck Todd saying that he hopes the Washington establishment has sucked President Trump in.  Yeah right.  Good luck wishing for that one Buddy.  It ain’t happening.

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Posted by Drain The Swamp on Monday, April 17, 2017

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Swamp Drain
Swamp Drain

Later in the interview, McCain goes on to say, “I support what he did and I support the bunker buster bomb, but we’ve got to develop a strategy. There is still not an overall strategy that he can come to congress and his advisors and say, ‘ok here is how we are going to handle Syria. Here is how we are going to handle the post-Mosul Iraq. We have got to have a strategy and I’ll give them some more time but so far that strategy is not apparent.”

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  1. That McCain has begrudgingly allowed that President Trump did what he felt was right, President Trump must be doing just fine. McCain talks about strategy, they’re all, Democrats too, carrying on about strategy. Tell me did they go after Obama for his strategy. NO. What is strategy anyway. One can have a strategy only to see it be torn to shreds. I don’t believe, whether President has a strategy or not, that he would broadcast it to the world. So stop this whining about something just for the sake of whining.

  2. Let’s get rid of McCain he doesn’t know what he is talking about. He also said he is a POW and that is so untrue. He is a liar from the getgo. He lied to the people that supposidly held him hostgage as he said he was working for them. He is another dirty snack in the grass and doesn’t belong where he is. Arizona, please don’t vote him back in as he will not work for you.


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