(VIDEO) Tucker Carlson “Unmasks” Obama’s Benghazi Liar in the Trump Admin Unmasking Scandal.

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Susan Rice is an elite, world class liar.  She ranks way up there with the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile. It was Susan Rice who went on all the talk shows to spread Barack Obama’s lie about Benghazi being caused by a “video tape” when even master liar and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would not do it. (Videos Below)

The joke ended up being on Susan Rice. She stepped up to take the “chief Benghazi talk show liar job,” because Barack promised her the Secretary of State job after Hillary left the State Department. Obama ended up giving John Kerry the job. Obama lied to Rice and let her take the wrap as the “Benghazi liar.” How ironic. That lying is serious business when your up there playing with the big league liars. (Videos Below)

Now, Tucker Carlson is calling Susan Rice for lying and spying! Susan Rice participated in monitoring (i.e spying on) the Trump campaign during the election. This comes just weeks after Rice went to PBS and claimed she knew nothing about the internal intelligence collection on Donald Trump and his associates. The first video clip is Susan Rice telling the “Benghazi lie,” and the second is Tucker Carlson calling her for lying about spying on the Trump campaign. If you agree with Tucker please SHARE this! The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) will try to bury this. (Videos Below)

First lying about Benghazi then lying about spying.  

Tucker Carlson:

“National security Adviser under Barack Obama Susan Rice. Just weeks ago, Rice went on television and lied, telling PBS she quote “knew nothing” about the internal intelligence collection on Donald Trump and his associates.  As it turns out though, Rice knew quite a bit about that. We now know that she participated in the monitoring of the Trump campaign and the transition. Now, strikingly, many of the communications she and the Obama administration monitored, were apparently unrelated in any way to the investigation into Russia. An investigation, you will remember, that is as it today, so far the only excuse offered for the monitoring.

So what exactly were the Obama people doing spying on the Trump people? By the way, let’s drop the silly euphemisms, monitoring the conversations of your political opponents and then trampling measures designed to protect their identities isn’t “incidental collection,” it’s not normal aboveboard behavior, It is spying!”

The Crooked Mainstream Media will NOT show this, so SHARE this everywhere Trump fans! We’re running out of time!

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  1. You call it for what it is a low down dirty lying Susan Rice who got caught in the middle. That is what you get when you play with the Big Boys. They leave you holding the Bag. Well good luck Susan Rice trying to worm your way out of this one. You were used and were there patsy and you fell into there trap. Join the ranks of the good for nothing back biters. Apparently you are having a rough time keeping your stories straight. Maybe you should try what Killary always fell back on, “I can’t recall or I do not remember.” Or you could use the old stand by of blaming it on the Russians. How about pleading the fifth Amendment. What ever , think fast or get advice from your good for nothing crime buddies, who put you up to doing this. No where to run or no where to hide. as you have stuck your foot in your mouth big time.


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