Slovenly Filmmaker to President Trump: Resign and your kids won’t be “thrown in jail”.

Swamp Drain

Moore Crosses the Line!  Don’t Threaten President Trump’s Family

I never have been able to figure out why liberals all seem to hold filmmaker Michael Moore in such high regards when it comes to politics.  Yes, he did predict that Donald Trump would beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 but his prediction was based on a false premise.  He just got lucky. “Lucky?” you may say, “He wasn’t for Donald Trump.”  Wasn’t he?

Think about it this way, if Donald J. Trump wasn’t president , Michael Moore would be irrelevant.  For washed up Hollywood has-beens like Moore and Kathy Griffin, Trump bashing is their their primary source of income.

Moore is working a Trump bashing documentary right now and is also starting a one broadway show with Trump bashing to “bring down Trump”.

** Warning to LIBT*RDS attending Moore’s Broadway Show:  Do NOT buy front row seats!  Moore lives in a $20,000,000 mansion but he rarely, if ever, bathes only changes his clothes every two weeks.

Last week this this obese, stinky,slob went on The View (can you imagine being in that studio….YUCK!) and claimed that Tom Hanks or Oprah need to run for president to beat Trump.  The week before that was encouraging all libt*rds to raid Washington.

Now he’s threatening President Trump’s lovely family and starting a Broadway play about Trump. I’ll say one thing for him.  He’s read Donald J. Trump’s playbook on how to get free publicity.  The only problem is he has no product to sell other than Trump.

Just how low these despicable liberals will go remains to be seen, but we will not let them win.

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