We’re SCREWED! Senate blocks proposal to repeal ObamaCare. Establishment WINS, People LOSE. Time for Republican “SHAKE UP”

Swamp Drain

Breaking: Senate Rejects Straight Repeal of Obamacare Without Replacement

The Republican controlled Senate failed to pass a repeal of the Obamacare on Wednesday afternoon. They had just voted against repeal and replace last night.

The vote was 45-55, with seven Republicans voting to keep Obamacare

Here are the seven Senators:

  • Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va
  • Susan Collins, R-Maine
  • Dean Heller, R-Nev
  • John McCain, R-Ariz
  • Rob Portman, R-Ohio
  • Lisa Murkowski, R
  • Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn

**This means a bill to repeal Obamacare and replace now will not happen.  

According to NBC:

Wednesday’s vote was on the same measure that passed both the House and the Senate in 2015 and was vetoed by President Barack Obama.

Conservatives enthusiastically voted for it, but some Republicans, especially moderates, are concerned that it would leave too many people without insurance. They would prefer to have something to replace it with, but Republicans have so far been unable to reach agreement on the details of how to do that. Just 43 Republicans voted for the most recent version of the Senate replacement bill Tuesday night.

The Senate will now move on to vote on a series of amendments on individual health care reform measures. Those that pass would then likely be cobbled together into a bill, known as a “skinny” repeal.

This morning President Trump singled out Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, in a tweet for her vote yesterday against even proceeding with the debate. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine was the only other Republicans to oppose the vote.

The Republicans voted for this exact same bill, repealing Obamacare without replacement, time and time again, when they knew Barack Obama was going to veto it. Now that it actually means something they are afraid to get anything productive done.

The Establishment, with a capital E, is against President Trump. They are Republicans and Democrats, and they are not looking out for the good of the American people. The Establishment are elites who only care about their own power, prestige and special interest money.

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  1. I guess they figure the Swamp is getting drained so they can afford to stick it to the people big time? 🙂

  2. I will tell you once again the repbulicans don’t need to have power, they still let the Dems run the show. They need to grow a pair then do what they promise whe they campaign. But that’s not going to happen they are bought and paid for just like those crooked Dems . Our country is gone unless w e the people rise up and take it back. Mr. TRump will not get it done.

  3. We the American People are sick of these wishy , washy Republicans , who refuse to work for the people. We have had enough of there games and refusal to do there Duty. We can not allow these few Politicians running the show. How can anything get done if this continues to go on without consequences to these slackers and there down right abusing the system. This is just another slap in the face! The Laws must be changed to stop this kind of behavior! President Trump, as our Leader should not allow them to have this kind of power. There should always be another way to go around this. They have drug there feet , used every distraction on the books and yet they allow them to get away with it. OVomit always managed to get his agendas across and used the Power of the Pen to do his dirty work. These Republicans and Demo-Rats and Killary Rotten, were aiding and abetted him and let our Country go to Hell with violence and racial divide. If Laws need to be changed then we must do it. The People have spoken and this should be done instead of a few , who have too much Power , to take over and decide our fate. We will remember you Republicans that voted against the repeal of Obama care because you know in your hearts , this was a rotten way to vote, as you did. If you love Obamacare so much then you use it for your Family and yourself Health care. We are sick and tired of you running our lives and forcing your abuse upon us.

    • Agree 100%. The republicans opposing this MUST be voted out next election, if not impeached, for failure to do their duty.

  4. Billie McClune; your post is so very accurate; and I totally agree, We need, President Trump to fire every single one of these TRAITORS, He may not be able to fire the Dems, but I am sure he can take care of the Republicans, ans see that they do not piss ass around, and embarrass the Republicans anymore. I hope the American people remember the names of the Traitors and sees that not one of them every runs for public office again.

  5. YEP your right Billie and Sharon..I live in Maine and you can bet your bottom dollar Susan Collins will never get my vote ever again..these 7 assholes are bought and paid for and no good anymore..It’s public knowledge of what the new health care was and needed to be passed to get rid of Obumacare ..every thing President Trump tries to do they mess it up and it don’t get anywhere, am so sick of this crap with the elites running everything undermining the president, my family is hurting now because of Obumacare..and to add to the disgust the Prick wasn’t even an American so his Obumacare isn’t even legal, but he managed to get 44 mil out of it for his pockets…I don’t hate many things at all, nor do I believe in hate..BUT I HATE THE CROOKED PRICKS IN WASHINGTON AND ALL THEY ARE DOING TO RUIN THE USA

  6. These lousy traitors. They are so concerned about people going w/o insurance – what about the 8 million who opt to pay the tax penalty – what about the 12 million who buy it, pay outrages rates and CANNOT US IT BECAUSE OF THE HIGH DEDUCTIBLES? I am so disgusted right now – I guess there isn’t enough money dropping into their pockets from the insurance companies if they were to get behind the President. Wait until election time and see who gets behind them – YOU KNOW WHAT KARMA IS!


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