CNN Touts Kimmel, INSTANTLY Regrets It. Pat Sajak Puts Kimmel in his Place.

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Tweet of the Week: Pat Sajak responds advise of “Wiseman” Jimmy Kimmel

“OK, let me explain this again: We’re celebs. We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

Pat Sajak

Yeah, right!  Jimmy Kimmel is “America’s conscience” just like CNN is “REAL” News, or even news at all for that matter.

After CNN posted the Tweet above, promoting their ridiculous article, Pat Sajak, of Wheel of Fortune fame, came out with the “Tweet of the Week”.

A few more good one’s like this this and Pat might move into “James Woods’ territory.  Nice one Pat!

Western Journalism writes:

After late night entertainer Jimmy Kimmel used his Monday show to attack gun rights and gun owners, conservative game show host Pat Sajak came up with a response that mocked those in Hollywood who take their self-imposed roles of being America’s moral lecturers too seriously.

Kimmel, who CNN proclaimed to be “America’s conscience,” launched a full-force offensive in favor of gun control one day after the Las Vegas shootings.

“I’ve been reading comments from people who say, ‘This is terrible but there’s nothing we can do about it.’ But I disagree with that intensely, because of course there’s something we can do about it,” he said, according to The Daily Wire.

If you’re reading or, or ever watch TV, you probably know how late night Talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, has used the tragedy for political purposes.  What’s even more despicable is that he’s using this mass killing to attempt to boost his ratings.  He’s about to find himself in ‘NFL’ territory if he doesn’t cease and desist.

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    • No longer watch kimmel. When our President was elected he said he would have something to say about him from then on. He is now boring and I will not watch again.

  1. Was he ever funny ? I never watched him ?
    One thing is for sure who ever spawned him must be so embarrassed ,what a piece of trash he is .


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