Pay-To-Play, The Chicago WAY! Rahm Emmanuel just got WORST NEWS EVER!

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Chicago Tribune Data Reveals 70% Of Rahm Emmanuel Donors Get Lucrative City Hall Contracts

Former Obama White Chief of Staff and two term Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, is about to run run for a third term as mayor. He’s running despite the fact that Chicago is the most corrupt city in the United States and the murder capital of the country.


Now a pay-for-play scandal has surfaced that it is so big that Emmanuel is being compared to the Clintons.  Sadly, in Chicago, that’s something to be proud of.

Barry’s boy is nothing more than a common criminal on the take. This is the same guy who does nothing to stop stop all the violence or murders in his town, and then declares Chicago a “Trump-Free Zone”.


The Chicago Tribune reports:

As Mayor Rahm Emanuel ramps up his campaign fundraising toward a possible third term, he continues to rely on donors who have received City Hall benefits, ranging from contracts and zoning approvals to appointments and personal endorsements from the mayor, the Chicago Tribune has found.

With the February 2019 mayoral election still a year and a half away, Emanuel has collected $3.1 million in high-dollar contributions. And more than $2.1 million of it — nearly 70 percent — has come from 83 donors who have benefited from actions at City Hall.

Among the contributors: law firms seeking approval for their clients’ projects or lucrative bond business for themselves, developers needing City Hall permission to build here, an events promoter negotiating the financial details of a major music festival and restaurateurs wanting coveted space at Chicago’s airports.

It’s a fundraising pattern that emerged as Emanuel built the most prolific campaign fundraising operation in Chicago history. The mayor raised $24.4 million for a 2015 re-election bid that relied on expensive television ads in which he appealed to Chicagoans to give him “a second term, a second chance,” as he would go on to call it in his victory speech.


You can’t make this stuff up. Since July 2015, this sociopath has received more than 500 contributions of $5,000. Seventy percent (70%) of those donations  came from people who have received, or are seeking, lucrative contracts with City Hall.

Watch this smug, sociopath POS talk about President Trump.


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  1. CHICAGO has a legacy of CRIME and CORRUPTION… the city of AL CAPONE has given birth to many crooked disciples, including RAHM and OBAMA. Sadly, the citizens of that city are the BIGGEST LOSERS!!


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