U.N. Caves to China and Russia on New N. Korea Sanctions! Some New Sanctions Passed But Are They Enough?

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BREAKING: The UN Has Just Approved New North Korea Sanctions. Does Not Place Oil Embargo!


One Monday, the United Nations Security Council voted to impose a first round of sanctions on North Korea over their recent nuclear tests.

The ban includes the following:

  • a ban on the country’s textile exports

  • caps on imports of refined petroleum products

  • caps on imports of crude oil

The UN did not approve the restrictions on oil imports that the U.S. asked for.  It is crucial to have a real “oil embargo” to paralyze Kim Jung Un’s N. Korean economy. Doing this may well be our last chance for avoiding war.


Bloomberg reports:

The United Nations Security Council approved new sanctions aimed at punishing North Korea for its latest missile and nuclear tests after the U.S. dropped key demands in order to win support from Russia and China.

The 15-member Security Council passed the resolution unanimously Monday following a week of talks that began when Kim Jong Un’s regime tested its most powerful nuclear bomb. The resolution seeks to cut imports of refined petroleum products to 2 million barrels a year, ban textile exports and give countries the ability to freeze assets of cargo ships whose operators don’t agree to inspections on the high seas.

“We are acting in response to a dangerous new development,” U.S. envoy Nikki Haley told the Security Council after the vote. “These are the strongest measures ever imposed on North Korea,” she said, adding that the U.S. remains willing to act alone to stop Kim’s nuclear program if necessary.


While the U.S. can claim a victory in persuading Russia and China — which hold veto power on the Security Council — to agree to the restrictions, the result is less than Haley had sought when she pushed for a ban on oil and a freeze on Kim’s assets abroad. And it’s unlikely to persuade Kim to halt his nuclear program and return to the negotiating table.

“Despite the tough talk, the U.S. is willing to water down its demands to get support of Russia and China, and that is a calculation that we are more influential when there is Security Council unity,” said George Lopez, a professor of peace studies at the University of Notre Dame and a former UN expert on sanctions against North Korea.

(h/t: Bloomberg)


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