Maxine Waters: Trump Will Be IMPEACHED By DEC. PLUS There’s MORE…

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Mad Max is a complete dingbat and will stop at nothing to “impeach President Trump.” Even some democrats know she’s smoking cocoa puffs. (VIDEO BELOW)

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club Monday, she stated she won’t be content with only impeaching President Trump. In an unlikely scenario, if Democrats managed to impeach Trump, she would go after Vice President Mike Pence next. (VIDEO BELOW)

Waters told the hosts of the radio program, “Bit by bit, drip by drip, it’s coming home to roost.” (VIDEO BELOW)

“I believe it is possible to impeach him. How long is it going to take? I don’t know, but I give it to about December.”

But doesn’t the vice president then become president? one of the hosts asked.

“Could be, and we’ll get him next,” said Waters. (h/t Washington Examiner)

At 16:42 is where she starts talking about President Trump impeachment and then VP Pence. The whole interview is ridiculous and you can rewind to hear it all. (VIDEO BELOW)



  1. Waters is a lying Democratic Bitch! She knows she lies about Trump, there has been NO evidence in 7 months of investigating of Russia/Trump collusion! Waters has NO knowledge of the Constitution and how she convinced people to vote for her is beyond me, unless they just don’t research for themselves! She is a disgrace to Womanhood!

  2. There will be an investigation on her tax return compared to her salary and her mansions very soon, I believe. She doesn’t even live in the county her constituents live in. She is a racist, big time and really feeding it.

  3. she’s part of the problem with Washington dc and she knows that she just doing her thing making a loud noise that people are laughing at ..that’s how stupid she is she don’t even realize the people are laughing at her..omg


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