Third Time! Terror Group Claims Vegas Shooter converted six months ago. His new name was ‘Abu Abdul al-Amriki’.

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Once again, ISIS has claimed responsibility for mass murder of 59 people and  injury of over 500 more October 1, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas.  This is the third time in five days that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for these actions.

source: ISIS Twitter

ISIS claims that the shooter, Steven Paddock converted to Islam six months ago and carried out these attacks for them, and that his new name was Abu Abdul al-Amriki.

Here is a translation of the ISIS Newsletter claiming responsibility:

Las Vegas Invasion

A soldier from the soldiers of caliphate targeted a large gathering of 22,000 Americans at a concert in Las Vegas, inflicting nearly 600 killed and wounded.

The executor of the operation Abu Abdull Barr al-Amriki, 64 years old converted to Islam six months ago.

Method of Executiion

The brother up to Abu Abdull Barr stationed himself for the invasion on the 32nd floor of a hotel overlooking a concert, and opened fire continuously on the crowds using 23 guns and more than 2000 rounds, and died, May Allah except him, after exhausting his ammunition.

Results of the Operation

59 killed
527 wounded
Panic and confusion of security in America and a number of European countries

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  1. Mandalay hotel owners wife is a muslim. They donated heavily to CAIR who has terrorist ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    An employee posted a copy of a letter from Management requesting tglhey contribute to CAIR, and they would double the donation.

    Mandalay’s hotel owner is also a Clinton supporter. Paddock had hotel assistance with his crime. Since when does an expensive hotel leave a foodcart standing in the hallway? Why would Paddock put a camera on the cart to see hallway activity, without fearing it would be rolled away?

  2. May Allah except him! Are you nut’s? He’s not getting 72 virgin’s that’s for sure’
    He might burn in hell for 72 years/ but most likely he’s just dead and anyone who knew him
    despises him. His family is a mess and will suffer for many years, as will any friend’s he might have had.
    Sad sad case //


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