Immediately After O’Reilly Firing, FOX News Makes HUGE Mistake About Sean Hannity! Are they Insane?

source: FOX New screen shot

Is is even remotely possible that FOX News could be stupid enough to lose Sean Hannity after everything that has transpired in this past year. (VIDEO BELOW)

  • July 2016 Roger Ailes forced out-   bad decision
  • September 2016 Greta Van Susteren allowed to leave dissatisfied with FOX-  bad decision
  • January 2017 Megan Kelley out-  Best decision of the year.  Good riddance!
  • April 2017 Bill O’Reilly forced out-Network SUICIDE– SEE YA, WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA  (VIDEO BELOW)
According to the Washington Examiner:

A New York Times reporter suggested Thursday that conservative TV host Sean Hannity could be the next Fox News host to be pressured to leave the network, after Bill O’Reilly’s stunning decision to leave Fox in the wake of sexual harassment claims.

On MSNBC, Times reporter Jeremy Peters noted a 2010 report about Fox that included a quote that said some within the Murdoch family were unhappy with the way the network was being run. Rupert Murdoch and his two sons are the top executives of the corporation that owns Fox.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below and SHARE this article. Do you think FOX News should have fired O’Reilly?  Should they keep Hannity? The mainstream media will try to hide the truth so SHARE this NOW!!!  God Bless!!

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  1. They are shooting their self in the foot by firing O’reilly. If they get rid of Hannity they might as well close up shop. We need a conservative program. That’s what made them popular, so they’re getting rid of the people who made them big. Sounds stupid to me. If 0’reilly and the rest of the gang got together and started their own station Fox News would decline. If we wanted to listen to liberal news, there are plenty to watch. We don’t need Fox News if they’re another liberal station.

  2. Big mistake letting O’REILLY leave. Huge mistake! Rating’s will plummet. HANNITY if they let him go also, Fox News will no longer have any viewer’s. They better watch what they’re doing. I wonder how much they’re being paid to get rid of these people? Meagan Kelly needed to go and so does Shepard Smith. They’ll see how much damage they’re doing. It’s going to hurt them really bad. Sean HANNITY should leave them hanging. Put them in a pickle, so to speak.

  3. It’s sad because Fox News was the only channel I watched to get my information from. Now I don’t turn it on. Why did they wait decade’s to come forth? What does that tell you? Right! Money. I wonder how much the women are getting paid. Gretchen is the only one that I feel has any credibility and look how long she waited. I’ve watched her on the Factor and they interacted like nothing ever happened. So I’m now doubting her credibility. The one’s that speak the truth are the one’s who are disappearing.

  4. Firing O’Reilly was a huge mistake, fair and balanced. I was a faithful watcher. I also watch Hannity daily firing/forcing him out would be a grave mistake. I watch only Fox because I am a conservative all the other MSM are entirely to liberal not to mention Fake News. Fox seems to be bringing in more and more left wing idiots, what a shame.

  5. I think they better look in their back grounds , to see what the big shots have that they are hiding . too much power to ruin peoples lives. ===

  6. Murdoch family must want to go downhill with their flocks they keep getting rid of all the good people there is going to be a lot of people that will not be watching FOXNews any more. Where do some of these people that run things get their brains

  7. NO.
    Do I need to write a reasone for my answer NO Bill should not have been removed!!
    I was one of his faithful watchers.
    I am a female!!!
    Fox is in trouble!!
    Don’t play into the Liberals hands!!
    Get your act together!! Not the $$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. Looks like your going liberal or Muslim. the 3 pm fairy should have been the one to leave he is still so far up Obama’s anal cavity . and his obvious dislike for Trump has a lot of folks changing the channel as he introduces himself. Seem’s like he is supporting Shariah Law and is ignoring what is done to Openly gay folks in Shariah Law countries. No one that supports this will be safe, Convert or die is the cry of the leaders of the Muslim radicals. And Public Law 414 chapter 212 Section # 3 clearly states that Shariah Law was and is still banned in America but no one is enforcing this. SO why are you removing conservative reporters who are being attacked with false accusations and keeping ones that your viewers do not agree with? If this trend continues we will look else were for our news. Maybe the Trump news network.

  9. Fox is leaning to the left. There are conservative sites on the internet which will be more to my conservative values that I can listen to or read. Like the Daily Signal. I enjoy Fox &Friends in the morning.

  10. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? This country is going crazy with pushing people out with political correctness, whether true or not. Why was a charge of sexual harassment not filed when it happened? Nothing would have stopped me had it been me. If Fox News cans Hannity, it will go down. I for one am boycotting Fox due to succumbing to “political” pressure. I also don’t like the liberal turn the network has been taking. I hope O’Reilly, Hannity, Ben Carson, Tucker Carlson and all the rest of the true conservatives start their own news channel. I for one will support it!

  11. Well it seems the liberals,democrats must have bought the MURDOCKS.They let Bill OReilly go and now hints of Hannity.The way I see it they are running the company into the ground.They will end up being bought to put outfake news like CNN,NBC,CBS,etc.Keep it up Murdocks and your company will end up being trash like the other networks.

  12. Sad to hear this news Fox was my channel for current true news events. Wow big lost for them the news station. It’s always about the bottom line.

  13. I think what their doing is crazy!! How can they fire Bill without any proof, just talk & accusations!! Bill & Sean are my favorites. What are they trying to do shut them up. Are they going to go down the line firing people! Because their speaking the Truth!!

  14. Looking like time to start watching Chopped and Fixer Upper again. I hate this as I have literally watched nothing but Fox since the election. I loved O’Rielly, Hannity, Carson, Judge Jeanine and Waters. Can’t say I like the changes. It appears they want to be boring like CNN.

  15. I am done with Fox. If I wanted liberal news I would have watched MSN all these years. Why are you alienating 62 million people? We don’t need or want another dumb liberal station!!!!!

  16. The left went into shock at the election of Donald Trump. They fully expected that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be an extension of Obama’s terms in the Oval Office. They thought they would have another eight years in which to complete the destruction of the USA and bring about the New World Order.
    Now Obama, Hillary and Soros have joined forces to have their “shadow government” attempt to bring down the presidency of Donald Trump. Community organizers, using Alinsky tactics, are organizing marches, protests, disruptions of town halls, etc. When these protests turn violent, charges of sedition, insurrection, subversiveness, etc. can be brought against them.

  17. It is a sad day that Fox dropped Bill O’Reilly and his show. I guess the left wing pressure was too much for Fox to stand up against ( they should be ashamed). One of the most truthful, sincere, and honest news shows on the boob tube. I find it hard to believe that a group like Fox could give into such pressure. I know this won;’t matter but, I could never watch anything coming from Fox any longer. Fox is a great disappointment I truly believed the had the integrity to stand up for the truth (I guess not). Is the next stupid move going to be Sean Hannity? I believe that would be suicide for Fox. Is giving into the main stream liberal media the answer? I think not.

  18. They SHOULD NOT have fired O’Reilly. BIG MISTAKE. Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson are the only ones we still watch. Brit Hume and Brett Baier are not attractions for us. If they get rid of Hannity, we will no longer watch them at all.
    Looks to me like the Murdochs are trying to turn around FOX NEWS to be a liberal station just like NBC, ABC and CBS.ccm Bad Move.

  19. I believe Fox will be sorry. Bill and Sean are the best things going for them. To believe a bunch of sick women,
    Did anyone try to rape them, or force themselves on them. Like being called hot chocolate, which was probably meant as a compliment. If, it was so bad, why did they stay. Only when Carlsons contract was
    not renewed did she come forward. and now they are coming out of the woodwork, I will never watch fox at again, and Murdock needs to get rid of the 2 daughter in laws, running the Company.

  20. Should have kept O’Reilly and also Sean Hannity. Don’t be stupid. Is your closet clean w/o skeletons. None of us humans are perfect. Read your Bible.

  21. I watch some of Fox programs It is my oplon that Hanity Cupoto and Varney are the only conservatives . O’riley is a middle of the road ‘er . They have to many liberals on their fair and balanced agenda. To many women showing to much skin. I do believe that the liberals are doing all they can to kill all originations they think are conservative . THis is how they work quietly and out of site to change our country to socialism. THey are having success ,just look at the youth of our country, most of them are socialist minded that love ( socialist-communist) Berrnie Sanders. IT’s time for all the people that love America to wake up and fight to protect our great country.

  22. FOX has committed suicide. Greta and Bill were 2 reasons we loved to watch Fox and of course Sean Hannity goes without saying. Now no more Fox network for us except our local morning Fox in Phoenix. FOX should be ashamed of doing away with commentators who did nothing but bring out the TRUTH instead of like all the other FAKE NEWS. Come on Fox. You’re grave has been dug.

  23. Well now the only reason I still have dish network is Fox News. I can get everything else online. Hurray, I am running out my sons contract now and I was hoping to find another way to get FOX. After these turns in Fox News, I simply don’t care. I wonder how many others hang on to dish or directv or something else just for Fox? As contracts expire, we will see, won’t we?

  24. I think Fox has signed its own death warrant. I know we will not be watching it anymore after many years. We will get our news from the internet or Talk Radio. I getting rather sick of Williams and Geraldo and turned off the sound when those 2 dimwits were on so now I guess I will watdh Sponge Bob or the likes which will be more educational than FOX LOL.

  25. Foxes days are numbered, They enjoyed the high ratings because of Conservatives, and then slap them in the face!!! I hope they all jump ship and start their own, It would be a very good investment. And if you have to have a liberal take Juan with you. He is the only one I can stand.

  26. How about Hannity, O’Reilly and Beck creating their own TV news Station? With Van Sustern and a few others from the Five?

  27. No he should not have been fired. Women come Forward all the time to claim harassment. Who paid them or encouraged them? Seems very suspicious to me. I have felt like other stations are so biased that 8 turn to Fox for the truth. Now what do we do? Can’t trust Fox either.

  28. Fox News has lost its rating with me….it was the only reliable news network that didn’t publish fake news. I am so disgusted right now….I will cross this news station off my lists of what to watch…apparently the other news networks are pressuring the Murdochs to join the ranks of FAKE NEWS… very sad. It is getting to be the normal person does not know who is telling the truth….and this isn’t about Bill O’Reilly. I very seldom ever watched him….but apparently the other news networks are so jealous of Fox News that they are seeking to destroy it….maybe the reason why is Fox is now supported by George Soros???…like the rest of the fake news network. that man is so PURE EVIL. Good Luck Fox…you are going to need it….you have lost a lot of fans this week.

  29. I have watched fox from the very beginning. not anymore bill orielley was the best when it came to reporting real facts, greta was my favorite I like Hannity a lot too (and he best be on guard) the lack of loyalty from execs is truly disgusting. I cannot support this kind of treachery.

  30. Fox who?????? they will go down so fast they will not know what happened. We were avid fox watchers, and NOT anymore. Our tv. will not go to fox network. I hope they lose it all, . they set this double standard of parading women with their boobs hanging half out, and skirt up to their butt, and then dared a man to look at them or kid them or anything……These women were nothing but gold diggers to sit there and then years later accuse them of things,… Its pathetic. If I ran a corporation , I would never work men and women together, women are just troublemakers in the work place. Makes me ashamed to be a women at times.

  31. Who’s left on Fox worth watching other than Hannity and The Five without the two Obama suckers – Bechel and Williams? Fox and Friends in the morning but that’s about it.

  32. We can’t lose Sean Hannity too!!!! We need his conservative input because none of the other news channels are fair and balanced. They are all liberal. I can’ t believe the corruption out there in the world of the liberals! We don’t like the way the Murdochs are trying to take FOX NEWS!!!

  33. Trump should start his own Network and hire OReilly, Hannity and others bounced from the liberal MSM.

    Then Trump provides daily and weekly fire side chats with O’Reilly and Hannity providing other programming news and commentary.

  34. Bring ORiely back, fire Shep, if you get rid of Hannity My house hold is done with Fox. Might be anyway. Fire the 2 sons they are not conservitives what were they thinking Fox was #1

  35. Bring Bill back. Can Shepard Smith. Leave Hannity alone
    Promote Bill Hemmer
    Fox is abandoning the fair and balanced that has given them the success they have.

  36. Big mistake Fox,letting Bill O’Reilly go…best news on TV…factor was Main reason I watched fox…and leave Sean Hannity alone!! Need some truth news!

  37. The one world people figure they will be the leaders and control the money. TheMurdocks were just about making money. Times appear to have changed, they won’t be offering unadulterated news so why do we need them? We need to get some honesty in the news, some say we lost true journalism after 9/11.

  38. THe way to kill fox is to boycot the companies the advertise on fox, that’s what the liberals do. We conservatives have to play the same game . I still think there is going to be a civil war in the USA or our country will be lost along with the freedoms we have enjoyed under our constitutional gov. I think the founding fathers were inspired by God when they wrote the constitution and bill of rights. THey gave God credit for the deriction he gave them many times in those documents.


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