HOLY WOW! President Trump’s “PIT BULL” HUMILIATES Crooked Liberal Media!

Swamp Drain

“This week, one brave member of the Trump Administration went into the lion’s den over and over again to do battle with the Destroy-Trump media.”

Sean Hannity

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant of President Donald J. Trump, is fed up. He’s tired of the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media)’s fabricated stories and outright lies about President Trump, and he’s going on the offense to do something about it.  (VIDEO BELOW)

In the past week, Gorka went on CNN twice, and also went to MSNBC.  As Sean Hannity put it, he “went into the lion’s den over and over again to battle with the Destroy-Trump media.” He would not take any of their foolish “baiting” questions, and basically opened up a can of Whoop A$$ of the Destroy-Trumpers, throwing their nonsense right back in their faces. (VIDEO BELOW)

“A GORKA BEAT DOWN!”  Sean Hannity

Dr. Gorka has volunteered to be President Trump’s “PIT-BULL.” He is pushing back and taking it to the Crooked Liberal Media with a vengeance. Watch and SHARE! Show President Trump we CARE!  (VIDEO BELOW)

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Dr. Gorka to CNN:

“More people watch Nick at Night cartoons than watch CNN today.”

Dr. Gorka to CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

“You are now 13th place in national ratings, behind Nick at Night, which is 11th….Tucker Carlson gets 4 million viewers, you barely scratch 800,000.”

Dr. Gorka to Sean Hannity:

“Someone has to be the President’s Pit Bull, and I’m ready.  I going to take it to them. “

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  1. This is what has been needed all along. Speak up America and call these people out for what they are. To Sin by Silence makes COWARDS of us all. Gorka is a man who is not afraid to take these low life good for nothings on. Hannity too is my Champion for human rights and the truth. They both make me proud to know we have such decent and Honest Men fighting for our Freedoms. President Trump has been ganged up on long enough. Keep up the good work and let them have it. The swamp needs a lot of draining still and the Shadow Government is waiting in the shadows to take over ,with there disruptions and distractions. Eight years of living hand to mouth has taught us all a good lesson. OVomit is a Phony and a Traitor groomed to take down America from within. He needs to be put away where he belongs in Prison with his Muslim Pals. He wears a ring engraved saying ,” There is no God but Allah. “

  2. I posted this video earlier this week and I’m only too happy to post it again. I love this man’s SPIRIT! He is a WINNER! The message is clear, this is WAR and we have to be TOUGHER than the enemy. Take it to the bastards!~

  3. ….and of course I should add, we have TRUTH on our side. Is that arrogant or delusional? Hell no! It’s just the facts, ma’am. Not that all of our guys are saints. Not at all. We have some real creeps in the GOP and they have to go, too! But our purpose , our policies, our philosophy is based upon realism and honesty…and, oh, THE CONSTITUTION.

  4. I can tell you why! The pedophile sex trafficking would bring them all down! Why do I say that! Washington since Hoover has black mailed or bribed or had something on them. I have learned about this big sex scandal including Democrats and Republicans alike. All the way to the top Including the Obamas and Clintons, Schumer, McCain, so many of them! I am sick to death of how slow things are or how raunchy it is getting! CNN and all of them the CEO pay out for this service as well, why they cover it up and don’t speak about it. If they had any credibility why are they not covering it? Because of money! Why actors have involved the biggest sex scandals since it began! a bunch of sick people raping children and they support people of ike mind.

  5. Love Gorka…didnt know Hungarians were so cute! Love the CNN and MSNBC interviews..He is a real fighter and we need lots more like him. So sick of the RINOs and the Dems…what the heck happened to Americans and man kind?. I pray that they can save America for my great grandchildren. I will be gone but I pray they will be protected by my God. I have quit being a Republican and will go for Libertarian..the rest are the SWAMP! God bless our President, too.

  6. How much more of this crap does the average taxpayer American have to put up with????? I hope trump gets rid of ALL the embassy, over a 1,000 in Russia alone, and every embassy. In the meantime clean up our State Dept and the rest of the depts that are sitting around collecting checks. What ever happened to those CZARS that Obama just had to have? I haven’t heard a word about them and the cost to the American taxpayer.
    There seems to be so much corruption in govt. now that it has to be acknowledged and taken care of. NO PENSIONS to any of them!!! Then term limits for everyone elected to any position. state or federal.


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