HOLY WOW! Obama Just WET his PANTS! Trey Gowdy is coming after them and TOP JUDGE says this “TRAP” will work!

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Barack Hussein Obama and most of his top advisors are serial liars and think they are above the law. Ex-Obama National Security Advisor and Benghazi Cover-up Queen, Susan Rice, was recently caught lying AGAIN about the Obama administration’s spy tactics: phone call surveillance of Donald J. Trump, his campaign team, and subsequently, his transition team. (VIDEO BELOW)

Now that the Syria situation is back in the forefront, some old lies are coming back to bite both Rice and Obama in the butt. Susan Rice’s lies under oath about Syria and their supposed destruction and removal of their chemical weapons, is now being reexamined. According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, former Superior Court judge and now Fox News analyst, Congressman Trey Gowdy is coming after the Obama administration, specifically Susan Rice, and may well be able to lay a “trap” for her, if she is cross-examined before the House Intelligence Committee. He feels Susan Rice could very well end up being jailed for this.   (VIDEO BELOW)

screenshot Fox News

The Washington Post is the most liberal and worst of the Crooked Liberal Media, and they even gave Susan Rice (above) their Four Pinocchio Award for her outrageous lies! (VIDEO BELOW)

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Posted by Drain The Swamp on Friday, April 14, 2017

**Obama is still at his dirty tactics. LOCK HIM UP!**

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  1. These two criminals should have been locked up years ago. They keep on feeding this bull of there innocence. Killary has been on a crime spree for thirty years. They always give them a free ticket. I am totally disgusted to the length they have gone too and no one reacts to this. Yet a man who gets dragged off a plane while acting like a nut gets so much publicity. I can not imagine anyone who is a professional acting so crazy. Obama will never stop until he is put in hand cuffs and drugged away. He was never our President as he was a phony all along. He needs to be exposed as soon as possible before he does more harm.

  2. Why do we keep playing games with these people ? Everyone knows they are guilty ! I believe we the people are getting very tired of thlhe games ! Screw what the DemmerRATS think and want these people are guilty we know it , they know it Games over put their buts in Prison quit giving them more time to stir up more stupid Crap ! GET ER DONE !!!!!!


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