COWABUNGA! Obama just WET his PANTS! Look what President Trump just GAVE the AMERICAN PEOPLE! CNN won’t report this! Thank you President Trump!

Swamp Drain

What happened to this clock?  Is it broken?  Or is it fixed?  It’s moving backwards.  For eight years these numbers have been getting bigger and bigger and bigger at lighting speed.  Now it has reversed.  The numbers are getting smaller.  Awesome!

In only two months in office, President Donald J. Trump has managed to reduce the US National Debt by more than $100 Billion. In Obama’s first 60 days he increased the National Debt by $400,000 billion.  Holy Wow!   That’s a Half a Trillion Dollar Difference!

*** Please SHARE these numbers with everyone you know.  The Crooked Liberal Media will do everything in their power to hide this! 

When Donald J. Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, the US National  Debt stood at $19,947 billion. On March 16th it was down to $19,846 billion. President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion in two months.  That’s a half of a percent in just two months.


Here is the daily chart showing the National Debt since President Trump took office. Compare this chart to the second one.  The second one shows the debt increases in Obama’s first two month’s in office.  Obama increased the debt by over $400,000 billion.  That’s over $1,000 more debt for every man woman and child in the United States, in just two months. 

Here is President Barack Hussein Obama’s debt chart.  It’s enough to make you sick isn’t it?  Obama increased our National Debt more that all 43 of the presidents before him….COMBINED!

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