BOOM! Trump Just BLASTED Terrorists With These 3 Words! The SAVAGES Are Actually Scared!

Image Source: whitehouse video

Moments ago President Trump delivered a heartwarming, yet powerful speech during Memorial Weekend at the naval air station in Sigonella, Italy. He addressed the speech on Saturday afternoon to our navy service men and women before departing back the the USA. (VIDEO BELOW)

As he proudly stood in front of our service men and women as Commander in Chief, he assured our heroes that there’s “no better way to end first foreign trip than to spend time with troops!”

American troops are the ultimate reassurance to friends and allies. (VIDEO BELOW)

“None of what we achieve would be possible without our wonderful military spouses and families. You not only know the pain of sacrifice, but you also know the tremendous rewards of military service.”

While promising the troops he will take care of them, he also discussed terrorism and summed up his oversea’s trip. He assured he would buy planes, ships, vehicles that the military needs and he would bring them back home safe to their families. (VIDEO BELOW)

“You have a commander in chief who will never ever forget. You will always be number one! You have my complete support! My pledge to you, is to always protect you. We will always protect those who protect us.”

“The single greatest strength is “you!” American military history is rich with noble traditions, harrowing missions, and selfless heroes. You have poured out your hearts, your souls, and even your blood for this nation, and we will pour out our gratitude to you. American troops are the warriors of freedom American military power helped to free the world from the oppression of Communism.”

Addressing terrorism to the troops, President Trump declared “Terrorism is a threat, a bad threat, to all of humanity, and together we will overcome this threat. You’re going to win. You’re going to do a lot of winning! (VIDEO BELOW)

Shortly after, he blasted out three words to not only our troops, but for all the world and terrorists to hear….


America is back on the world stage! No more Obama! (VIDEO BELOW)

Full video below:



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