BOOM! Ryan Must GO! Lou Dobbs’ 5 Words Just Put An END To His Career!

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Lou Dobbs just put the smack down on Traitor Ryan. He NEEDS to be on the list next to go, in DRAINING THE SWAMP(VIDEO BELOW)

Ryan, who is pushing his border adjustment tax, is fighting the President’s agenda and he’s proving once again he’s nothing more than a lying snake.

Lou Dobbs just said these 5 words about ‘Traitor Ryan’ and once again he is SPOT ON! (VIDEO BELOW)

“Delusional Ryan at it again!”

We thought for a fleeting few days that Rino Paul Ryan might have decided to alley himself with the President, the nation, and his party. But, there is a broad, deep divide between Ryan and reality. (VIDEO BELOW)

Last week Ryan argued that his tax plan is “the smart way to go.” Ryan apparently has NO SHAME. He worked against Donald Trump in the campaign. He refused to work for President Trump and his agenda. He failed to garner sufficient votes to pass a health care bill the first go around, while the second attempt was only because of President Trump’s immense efforts. (VIDEO BELOW)

“frankly there’s nothing smart about opposing the nation’s leader, your party’s leader, and the president of the united states, if you ask me!” dobbs


If you think Traitor Ryan NEEDS to go, SHARE Lou Dobbs message and make this viral. 🙂



  1. Of course he must go. We have enough Gay people already. He hangs out with Obama behind everyone’s back and frequents a gay bar in Miama twice a week behind his wife’s back get rid of the little creep.


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