BOMBSHELL! Loretta Lynch used ALIAS in efforts to THWART Hillary Clinton Investigation!

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EXPOSED: Loretta Lynch Used Her Grandmother’s Name as Alias to Communicate with Department of Justice Officials during Clinton Investigation

Last Friday the Department of Justice was forced to release hundreds of e-mails to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ).  Most of them were highly redacted, hiding the true essence of the conversations discussing the possible hampering of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton.

It’s the Federal Bureau of Investigation, NOT the Federal Bureau of Matters!

Former FBI Director, James Comey has already testified before Congress that Lynch told him to refer to instigation into Hillary Clinton as a “matter” and not an investigation, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Internet sleuth Kim Dotcom and the Reddit community known as The Donald read all the documents provided and discovered that Loretta Lynch was an  using an alias, her grandmother’s name, to communicate with DOJ officials

HERE is a link to the actual 416 pages of e-mails.


source: Twitter-Kim Dotcom

During Loretta Lynch’s time as Attorney General, There was no one working in the Justice Department named Elizabeth Carlisle.  Elizabeth Carlisle just happened to be the name of Lynch’s grandmother.

Can you say “BUSTED”?

Here is the death certificate for Loretta Lynch’s grandmother, showing her name was Elizabeth Carlisle .

source: reddit

From Reddit:

Well, Kim, we’ve investigated and either found the most fantastical fukcing coincidence ever, or proven Loretta Lynch is a dodgy double-dealing snake who uses illegal alter-egos and fake State emails to conduct illicit activities without revealing her identity…. read on. YOU DECIDE.

ELIZABETH CARLILE = LIZZIE CARLISLE – Loretta’s maternal grandmother’s birth name (twice married; later Lizzie Bell then finally Lizzie Harris)

LORETTA LYNCH born 1959, Greensboro NC – was using a fake name to conduct illicit business while Attorney General. MULTIPLE crimes here even before you look at what she was DOING. Just using state apparatus with fake names and illegal accounts is imprisonable, and certainly she should be disbarred.

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  1. arrests these crooks and get it over with. if it was you or myself we’d be in jail no hesitation.
    so why the prolonged wait.?

  2. Arrest, Prosecute, and if found guilty, (which she is) prison time. I agree with Steven, if it was you or me we’d already be in jail.


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