WAAAAH! This Tax-Cheat Race Hustler “Outraged” After Jemele Hill Given Slap On Wrists

Image Source: WARGA/NEWS

Race hustler/hoaxer and Barack Obama pal Al Sharpton, conjured up well-rehearsed “outrage” on Tuesday, after ESPN gave resident Colin Kaepernick apologist Jemele Hill some laughably mild discipline. (after she tweeted something that likely would have gotten someone white immediately fired, and probably blackballed for life from the industry.)

Hill, who did not get so much as suspended for recently tweeting that President Trump was a “white supremacist,” received a slap on the wrists for demanding that people after Dallas Cowboys sponsors … who just happen to be, in some cases, sponsors of ESPN.

In response to Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’s unequivocal statement Sunday “that
any player who disrespects the flag will not be playing,” Hill — who is supposedly a “journalist,” — went on to Twitter to instruct people to be appropriately outraged into taking action.

Hill saloved a series of tweets, this (gramatically unsound) one being the most significant:

Al Sharpton, after one of his many many visits to Barack Obama’s White House. (Image courtesy of fellowshipoftheminds.com)

That was apparently a CUE for career race hustler/hoaxer and tax cheat Sharpton, who tweeted the following:

The Twitterverse responded furiously:


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