Al Sharpton’s Daughter ATTACKS Cab Driver, Gets Arrested, Does NOT Get Invited To White House!

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Ashley Sharpton, Al Sharpton’s daughter arrested! Cops say she attacked cab driver.

Ashley Sharpton, daughter of race baiting, tax evading, Al Shapton, apparently ended the night of her 30th birthday celebration in jail.  You didn’t think I was going to say civil rights icon did you?  Ha!


According to the New York Daily News she punched a cabbie in Midtown, then snatched his keys and then ran away.  Two hours later, they tracked her down and she ended up in handcuffs.

Reverend Al, as some call him, later claimed the younger Sharpton was targeted by police because she’s his daughter.

What a JOKE!


The New York Post reports:

The cabbie who Al Sharpton’s daughter allegedly attacked the night of her 30th birthday is so shaken up from the ordeal he broke down in tears outside his Bronx home Saturday.

Ashley Sharpton “swung at my face and ended up punching me in the chest,” the distressed cabbie, Georges Coly, exclusively told The Post as tears welled up in his eyes outside his Clason Point apartment.

The hack stopped to pick up Sharpton and her friends just before 1 am outside a club on West 46th Street and 11th Avenue, when she and five friends tried to squeeze inside.

“I said ‘No, only four people’ and they argued with me about it,” said Coly, who drives a handicap accessible minivan with only four seats. “They were giving me a hard time.”


No she was not targeted not because she is your daughter Al.  I think it had something to do with her hitting the cab driver, stealing his keys, and fleeing the scene.

Al Sharpton’s other daughter, Dominique, age 31, is also in legal trouble.

Since 2015, Dominique Sharpton has been trying to sue the city of New York because she fell on a Manhattan Street and permanently damaged her ankle.

According to the New York Post, she later posted photos on social media of herself dancing on her “permanently damaged” ankle and climbing a mountain in Bali.

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