After Sept 11, 2001 Trump Did Something AMAZING That Proves He LOVES AMERICA

Image Source: Twitter video-edited by Swamp Drain

Today we remember September 11, 2001, the hero’s and the fallen, after the unforgettable attacks that struck our nation in tragedy. Our nation will prevail and the memory of our loved ones will never, ever die. (VIDEO BELOW)

Two days after the September 11th attacks in 2001, Donald J. Trump was at Ground Zero talking about our amazing first responders who were on the scene helping. (VIDEO BELOW)

The video below shows the REAL Donald J. Trump. It proves he is not acting when he talks about how much he loves our military, police, and firefighters. He loves all American’s. The mainstream media won’t show this because of their biased narrative they continue to push. Share this to make it viral and spread the love of our great President. May God forever bless the United States of America. (VIDEO BELOW)

These firemen, these policemen, and the construction workers equally…the courage they have, it is UNBELIEVABLE. they are working and digging out lifting up steel. Above them you have 55 story buildings and they are possibly going to pour down on them any minute, and they are working like nothing is wrong. they are amazing!



  1. Donald. Trump is a gift to the American populace- wake. Up

    The biased hateful liberal media- and the corrupt entrenched politicians
    Declare tiressly otherwise – please. Donald fail. Please. Donald fail

    Hey every nut bar out there hates. the. President, W. H. Y
    Cause people are like sheep,,,just ask the Jews. 8.000.000 die

    Follow the leader,,,have u watched the view lately. Joy. Be har. harharhar.
    Whoopi Goldberg. God almighty these hateful people hate hate hate
    I’m sure they hated their own mothers Dumb as rocks

    Go. Mr. President. Gods. Speed. Good. Prevails

    Hillary is determined to be relevant,,,(corrupt to the core)


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