After Project Veritas Strikes Again, WATCH Who They BUST Under Cover

Image Source: Screen clips from Project Veritas; edited by Swamp Drain

Project Veritas Strikes Again … New Victim: Failing N.Y. Times And Creepy Trumpophobe Comey “Godson” Who Creates #FakeNews

It just keeps getting worse for the #FakeNews “mainstream media”! (VIDEO BELOW)

A new Project Veritas video has just come out which exposes so much of the seamless nexus between the Democrat Party and the news media.

In this case, the subject of the investigation was New York Times “Audience Strategy Editor” Nicholas Dudich, a former Democratic campaign operative who, as Breitbart put it, “helps edit the New York Times‘ video content on social media platforms and apparently pretended to be James Comey’s godson.” (VIDEO BELOW)

There are just so many gems that can be seen in the just-released video titled “American Pravda, NYT Part I – Slanting the News & A Bizarre Comey Connection” (below).

At one point, Dudich’s trash talk about President Trump is particularly cocky: “I’d target his businesses, his dumb f**k of a son, Donald, Jr. and Eric, so they’re running Trump, like, the Trump business.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Later, Dudich explains his paranoid motivation for going about his work against Trump at the supposedly objective New York Times with such extreme bias: “Yeah, I mean, I was like I saw the threat and I was like I want to do something, I can’t just do what I do because, yeah, Trump was a threat.”

In the introductory part of the video, James O’Keefe, head of Project Veritas, reminds the audience of how the New York Times is viewed as the “gold standard”/”holy grail” for American journalism (seeing itself as the “paper of record”) and, shortly thereafter, explains Dudich’s specific role as “gatekeeper for the Times’ extensive online video content library.” (VIDEO BELOW)


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