After NY Times Reporter Asks SET-UP Question, Watch Sarah CRUSH Her Like a BUG!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

During the White House press briefing on Tuesday, it was another show of the crooked liberal media pounding the same questions relentlessly to press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. (VIDEO BELOW)

On Sunday night, Steve Bannon told CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that Trump’s decision to fire Comey was perhaps the worst mistake in “modern political history” because it paved the way for the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

Following Sunday night’s interview, the press sat itching in their seats, eagerly waiting to ask about Bannon over and over, on Monday and Tuesday. (VIDEO BELOW)

A reporter from the New York Times asked, “Is the President aware that Steve Bannon described James Comey as the biggest mistake in modern political history?”

Once again, Sarah dropped the mic slamming Comey and defending President Trump’s decision. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Everyone knows EXACTLY where the President stands on that issue. The President is proud of the decision that he made. The President was 100 percent right in firing James Comey. He knew at the time it could be bad for him politically, but he also knew and felt he had an obligation to do what was right, and do what was right for the American people, and certainly what was right for the men and women at the FBI. I think there is no secret…Comey by his own admission, leaked privileged government information weeks before President Trump fired him. Comey testified that an FBI agent engaged in the same practice they would face serious repercussions. I think he set his own stage for himself on that front. His actions were improper and likely could have been illegal. Comey LEAKED memos to the “New York Times,” your own outlet. He politicized an investigation by signaling he would exonerate Hillary Clinton before he ever interviewed her or key witnesses. He’s very happy with the decision he made and I think he’s been fully vindicated by a lot of those new things in knowing that it was the right one.” (Watch the mic drop in the VIDEO BELOW) 




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