One Year Ago Hillary Started a MOVEMENT! Watch Her Call Trump Supporters Every Ugly Name IMAGINABLE!

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One year ago today, August 10,2016, Crooked Hillary Clinton walked on stage and proceeded to call Donald J. Trump supporters every ugly, nasty name in the book. Little did she know that her ugly little speech would unite Trump supporters like never before and ignite a fire for the The Trump Revolution.



August 10, 2016- The DEPLORABLES were born!

On that faithful day, she called us:

  • Racists

  • Sexist

  • Homophobic

  • Xenophobic

  • Islamophobic

  • Offensive

  • Hateful

  • Mean Spirited

  • Irredeemable



The Democratic nominee for the presidency called Trump supporters a “Basket of Deplorables”.  Some say a new movement was born on that faithful day, as we embraced the name “DEPLORABLES”.

source: Reddit
source: wikipedia

Others feel the movement was already there, but Hillary’s speech just solidified  our bond.  Either way, it was a milestone in the 2016 campaign and, today, the one year anniversary of the “Deplorables” is a day to celebrate.


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