After Diamond And Silk Visit “The View,” WATCH All Hell Break Loose!

Image Source: Twitter edited by Swamp Drain

“Diamond and Silk,” the humorous, witty, and outspoken duo have been by President Trump’s side from the start of his campaign. These ladies have been a viral sensation all over social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Essentially they’ve been knocking it out of the park with their videos, while attracting many fans along the way with their pro-Trump commentary. (VIDEO BELOW)

However, YouTube has been playing politics recently, and if you support the President of the United States, it now violates YouTube’s monetization policies. Their videos have received millions of hits and had such an effect on crying liberal snowflakes, that Youtube recently made the decision to pull 95% of their revenue. You have to be kidding me! (VIDEO BELOW)

But, that isn’t stopping Diamond and Silk from supporting President Trump and keeping up the fight. In a new commentary, they decided to make a surprise visit to The View, and give the catty hags a piece of their mind. It’s another EPIC smack-down sensation from our favorite ladies. (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch, as Diamond and Silk destroy loud mouth snowflakes Whoopie, Joy Behar and the rest of the liberal “know-it-all’s” on The View about who is, and who is NOT our President, while reminding them of what the President’s role is and what is expected of Congress. (VIDEO BELOW) (h/t 100percentfedup)



  1. This is so stupid I don’t live for You Tube but I want and am thankful for our President these old women Hags should do something worth a dime of anything but think they are too stupid to know any thing I am in support of Donald Trump and these two Black women everyone Donald Trump is President get over it grow up he going to stay it until at least 4 years are over or till he dies we want him to be our President that why we voted for him

  2. You go “Diamond & Silk” laying a can of “whoop-ass” on the ladies of The View. They are so damn disgusting with their liberal views. You tell them how it is & that Our President Trump will continue to fix all of Obama’s screw ups. Ya”ll always make sure & check all the people who are not willing to stand behind President Trump.


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