After CNN Tries To Blame Hurricanes On Climate Change, Acosta Immediately Regrets It!

Image Source: Swamp Drain

During the White House press briefing on Monday, Jim Acosta from CNN fake news sat eagerly waiting to be called on, only to ask his staged questions regarding the recent hurricanes. Upon being asked, once again he pushes a biased narrative and this time it’s another dumb one insinuating global warming tied with the hurricanes. (VIDEO BELOW)

CNN fills Acosta’s pockets to ask ridiculous questions to smear the Trump administration. He tied the hurricanes with global warming and the Paris Agreement. Jim will use his question for CNN (FAKE NEWS) to be reran over and over on their failed cable network. (VIDEO BELOW)

The Department of Home Land Security took questions from reporters about the hurricanes that hit and what the government is doing, but the White House wins again and puts poor Jim in his place. Acosta is such a fruit-loop and really needs a new line of work. We can expect that Jake Tapper will lie about this later on their fake news channel. Watch the video below showing Acosta getting schooled. (VIDEO BELOW)


  1. i kinda feel bad for acosta. He’s a product of our DUMDEM LEFTY DINGBAT University and Colleges (and Schools of Journalism) so of COURSE he would use the GLOBAL WARMING excuse behind EVERYTHING Godly!!


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