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Michael Shannon as Maynard Greiger
Judy Greer as Parker
Christina Hendricks as Connie Greiger
Ron Perlman as Sheriff Jack
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by susan-317 1 / 10

The Hallmark Channel Rejected this Film

This seems like a movie that wanted to be a Hallmark Channel film but got rejected because it was so bad. If you're looking for something to sleep through, this is the one. Starts out good and runs okay for the first 30 minutes or so. Then devolves into absolute mediocrity and finally dives into a raging awfulness.

I missed some of the worst by falling asleep out of sheer boredom.

When I awoke, I caught another ten minutes but could not bear watch more, and so, I admit, I don't know what happens at the end.

You've been warned.

Reviewed by Ellen 1 / 10

Morally and intellectually idiotic

Not only is this movie not entertauning, but it is totally cliche. It doesn't even have a good noral lesson. Instead, it tries to pass a well intentioned lie off as virtuous. Lies are not moral, no matter your intentions. I really get tired of these movies that put emotions over substance, which is most of them these days.

Reviewed by steveo122 6 / 10

An amusing, pleasant, low flying, comedy.

I can absolutely see this plot done in the '40s with any of the screwball comedy stars. It's well made, top to bottom, one of those that feels like everyone involved went home satisfied with their work. It is amusing to watch actors so capable of intensity 'play house with the kids'. It took a while to stop expecting someone to pick up a baseball bat and beat somebody to death.

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