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Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
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Rob Lowe as Frank Hunter
Burt Reynolds as Ron Glass
Noel Gugliemi as El Cabron
Jenna Haze as Chloe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinemamaestro1 10 / 10

Hell of a film...

What a ride...

Expertly directed by Conor Allyn, this twisty, unpredictable, darkly comic Los Angeles fable takes you on a tour of some wonderfully amoral characters as they hustle, bustle, wheel, deal, and scheme their way through the maze of real estate.

At its core is a rise and fall morality play, but what makes the film so damn enjoyable and engaging is its sardonic, humorous edge and its bitingly satirical look at material excess and the extreme juxtaposition between the haves and the have notes.

Written with zeal and luster by confident and charismatic lead Jurdi, "Pocket Listing" is a hybrid of various genre films yet manages to maintain a smooth, even tone. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, with every player giving it their all and a little more. Watch out for drop dead beauty scene stealer Clark, who just oozes with raw talent and unbridled sexuality.

This is the kind of film that rarely gets made anymore and that doesn't always face the best odds in today's marketplace of bombastic blockbusters, but for my dollar, it's as good as anything I've seen in a while.

Reviewed by jad-shababi 10 / 10

terrific sleeper

A sophisticated black comedy about karma, revenge, redemption, and crooked real estate deals.

What I enjoyed most about "Pocket Listing" was the way it blended social messages with embellished, exaggerated action. Driven by first-rate performances from Lowe, Reynolds plus a crew of gifted unknowns (Jurdi, Fahey, Clark), the story keeps you invested from start to finish as the viewer follows the journey of a Los Angeles real estate agent as he falls from grace and then gets a shot at a comeback which proves to be quite a dicey proposition.

The film's momentum really builds once the agent starts trying to sell a lavish Malibu villa, with sexy twists and turns taking the plot into unforeseen directions.

Throughout the whole show, laces of dark humor and Coen-brother like quirkiness seeps into the drama and elevates the material.

Bottom line-- this is a terrific sleeper filled with surprises and unexpected laughs. Not to be missed.

Reviewed by actorfan1 10 / 10

Finally-- a real estate EPIC!!!

They've made great films about Wall Street, bankers, stock brokers, and even insurance salesmen. But not in recent memory has the real estate agent been a prominent film character. Now, we finally have it -- the real estate EPIC, and I'll be darned if it isn't damn good.

"Pocket Listing" romanticizes and embellishes the lifestyle of gaudy, smooth-talking Los Angeles realtor Jack (brilliantly and subtly played by newcomer Jurdi), who goes from hot tub orgies to cleaning toilets after some double dealing and a ruthless rival (Fahey, coldly terrific) contribute to his demise. As one of the film's main messages makes itself clear, you're only one deal away from hitting the jackpot or going bust.

The hook of the film is how it shrewdly presents parallel universes within the same town, showing major contrasts between Jack's lifestyle over the course of a short period of time. In that sense, the film becomes not just a character journey but also the story of a city, presenting a hodge podge of different characters from varying ends of the economic spectrum. Some are filthy rich, others are dirt poor, and a few may be somewhat criminal- - but they are all chasing the American Dream of infinite excess and uninhibited desires.

The American Dream has assumed many forms in cinema, but in "Pocket Listing" it embodies itself in the shape of a lavish, truly spectacular Malibu villa which just happens to be all of the characters' ticket to the big time. Watching Jack climb back out of the abyss and eventually take on the dangerous comeback attempt involving not just the house but also its owners -- a smooth as silk but oh so dangerous Rob Lowe and an extremely tempting femme fetal (newcomer Clark, chewing up the scenery here and looking to die for) -- makes up for the film's relentlessly engaging latter half. The plot twists and unexpected developments pile up as the story reaches its explosive climax.

It's tough to really place "Pocket Listing" in terms of pure genre. It's a combination of funny, sad, thrilling, sexy, and even at times unexpectedly moving. As far as light crime films go, this one's a hell of a good deal.

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