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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by realmarvelous 1 / 10

What kind of a person excuses terror?

This so called "movie" is so awful. Don't waste your time and money. Seems like it's producers had been buying tickets themselves and paid for the reviews to ensure interest and ratings.

Terrorists are shown as good guys. What? They say that this so called movie is based on reality. It's a big fat lie. You won't see the real facts: how these animals tortured women and children, how they did all of this just because they craved for popularity and money, how they laughed while killing people, how enormous their cruelty was. And how almost all of the terrorists were "Golden Children", whose rich parents tried to buy them out with their millions afterwards. And how those parents sponsored the book this so called movie is based on. Maybe they sponsored this too? Imagine if some crazy liar makes a movie with the idea that 9/11 terrorists were nice people that rebelled the regime and we all are just too stupid to understand them?! I was told that the director Rezo is a Russian Gigolo, who has no real job. Well, "Hostages" is a proof that if you are good on a couch, you'd better stay on a couch and don't annoy people with your face-palm creativity.

Reviewed by Indie Cinema Magazine 6 / 10


The film Hostages (Mdzevlebi) directed by the young Georgian director Rezo Gigineishvili was shown at the Berlinale in the Panorama section. It is based on the true events of a plane hijacking in 1983 by a group of youngsters belonging to the artistic elite of Georgia. The hijacking resulted in multiple casualties and all hijackers, except the woman, were executed. After the USSR dissolved, the participants of these events were sometimes romanticized and represented as heroic martyrs.

The film leaves a strong impression and leaves room for thought. The closing sentence of the film – " In 1991 the freedom of movement was finally granted" – is something completely unnecessary; first of all this is common knowledge and secondly the lack of freedom of movement cannot be an excuse or explanation for the atrocities depicted in the film.

The film does not offer answers and does not explain motivation of horrific actions of hijackers, however it poses some profound questions, which is also important, especially as this event is still shrouded in mystery. The picture filmed in minimalistic style and is made in an almost documentary fashion, it is tense and grips the viewer all the way through.

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Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 6 / 10

Interesting true story from Georgia

This movie is based on a true event that occurred in 1983 in Georgia when it was part of the USSR. A group of young people, highly dissatisfied with life under the Soviet state, decided to hijack a passenger jet and force it to take them out to the West.

First off, it is great to have a chance to see movies made it parts of the world with little cinema output. For this reason alone, Hostages is a worthwhile film, given its Georgian origins. The story itself is one not known to me at all but it is certainly an interesting set of events. It is a film which operates in shades of grey as opposed to black and white certainties. We do sympathise with the frustrations of the hijackers and their daily grind but it is difficult to condone their actions given that people were killed as a result of it; then again, the Soviet response to the incident was extremely heavy-handed, although they were trying to resolve the problem. The result is a more even-handed and thought-provoking film than might otherwise have been produced, although it would only be fair to say that it is definitely critical of the life that was imposed on people under the communist regime. The gloomy early 80's period detail is well done and the film is very well made. Perhaps the material could have been focused a little more sharply in places maybe but overall this is worth seeing for sure.

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