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Danny Trejo as Frank 'Bullet' Marasco
Jonathan Banks as Carlito Kane
Julia Dietze as Brooke Madison
John Savage as Governor Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rushknight 5 / 10


Having seen many Trejo movies, and having loved many of them (not all mind you, just many), I was disappointed with this one.

In order to make a old man into a larger than life figure, you need to pull off a small miracle. You need to bend and direct the audience's perception juuuuust right. Machete pulled it off, but Bullet simply does not. Danny does not truly appear as a larger than life character who takes charge and lives life dangerously, but instead as a nearly retired cop who has too many problems. I confess that I don't have the technical movie knowledge to adequately explain what I'm trying to say.

I can only say that the movie felt.. like the illusion was empty.

Trejo's movies are usually somewhat outlandish, heavy on the "grindhouse" style, and inventive. This film has none of that. It seems that the director decided to try making it more dramatic instead. The fun and vivacious extremity I was expecting was instead replaced with old cop movie clichés.

The acting was poor because it tried too hard, the execution was plodding and halting. The special effects were disappointingly poor. It seems the director and editor had no concept of what I like to call "vicinity errors". These occur when the objects being used in the scene do not correctly stay in their places from scene to scene, or their behavior defies the common sense expectations of the viewers. Essentially, the area around the actors isn't correctly used. Bullets hitting their targets too long after being fired, objects being there one second and gone the next, or a character taking his hat off twice in the same scene without putting it back on in between.. These are vicinity errors and are usually are the result of bad editing. This movie has too many of them.

It was not a bad film. It just simply didn't shine with any of the usual Trejo brilliance.

Reviewed by jet66 3 / 10

.44 Caliber Crap

Danny Trejo is the reigning king of the B's. And I'll watch anything he's in, no matter how poorly-written, no matter how amateurishly-directed, and no matter how ridiculously, incoherently edited.

And that's the sloppy road Nick Lyon haphazardly lays for the undemanding fan of very familiar plots. So if you really don't care about utterly absurd, incredibly illogical, and comically lazy story lines, the entry-level acting might not even register. But on the way to the traditional "Commando"-like action-movie denouement every 12-year-old boy expects, you'll ask yourself:

• Why is there always a long-haired, German super-villain lieutenant in organized crime? • How did Frank Marasco's car just happen to be where he needed it? • How can two bad guys with handguns out-shoot a squad of body-armored, assault- rifle-toting cops? • Why am I watching this to the predictable end?

Well, I can at least answer the last question: so you can hear Danny Trejo bark the immortal line, "This is America! Speak Mexican!"

Reviewed by Trejo Fan 9 / 10

Watch the Director's Cut!

I've been at 2 different screenings and have seen two different versions of the movie - the US cut distributed & cut by Giant Ape and the much better Director's Cut distributed by SC Films International. I just recommend everyone - WATCH THE DIRECTOR'S CUT - these are 2 completely different movies! As a huge fan of Trejo I can't believe what these incompetent guys at Giant Ape did with this movie! The Director's Cut (International version) is really a great cinematic action-thriller, but the Giant Ape / US version is a slow-paced drama which reminds of a typical boring TV crime movie. The slow-paced US cut misses a lot of necessary scenes which are very important for the story, for the characters and for the pace of the movie. Instead it seems like they just put together the worst & most boring scenes with an absolutely boring score (Chris Ridenhour's score in the Director's cut is much, much more better!). The Giant Ape cut should be seized immediately!

This should be shown on all film schools worldwide as a classic example how editing & scoring can change & ruin a movie.

Everyone who watches both versions will understand my anger. If you want to see a good movie just watch the Director's Cut (International version)! 9 of 10 stars for the Director's Cut. 1 of 10 stars for the US version.

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